Eating Disorders Treatment – Rexburg

Recovery is possible.

Face Fears, Overcome Problems, and Achieve Peace.

Eating disorders are psychological conditions which bring about unhealthy, obsessive, or disordered eating habits. Eating disorders have both physical and emotional symptoms. Our mission and commitment is to teach scientifically proven technologies and skills to face fear, overcome problems, and create new visions to achieve greater peace of mind, joy in life, and happiness in yourself and your family. 

Eating disorders can become all-consuming. Help is available.

Eating disorders are very complex and can cause multiple medical problems, some even life-threatening. Treatment can include cognitive behavioral therapy, medications, nutrition education and management, and family-based therapies. We can work with medical doctors as well as specialized dieticians or nutritionists to help bring about a full recovery. 

Causes of Eating Disorders

  • Stress
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Social Difficulty
  • Lonelines
  • Cultural Expectations
  • Biology/Genetics

Signs of Eating Disorders

  • Extreme Dieting
  • Excessive Food Rituals
  • Secretive or anti-social behavior
  • Weight Fluctuation
  • Frequent bathroom trips

Reed M. Haight

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

Reed specializes in helping teenagers, young adults, and adults find ways to improve their lives. He offers scientifically proven techniques to help create a life of interpersonal connection, joy and happiness.

Kristopher L. Walton, LCSW PA


Kristopher Walton specializes in assisting teenagers and adults who suffer from a variety mental health concerns. He will help you learn to find healthy relationships in your current situation. No problem is too big to overcome.


"I would highly recommend. [Kristopher Walton is] the best therapist I've met."

Emily H.

"Very easy to talk to and personable...I highly recommend [Kristopher Walton]!

Heather B.