Jessica Perry, LCSW

About Jessica


Jessica believes in the inherent resilience of individuals. She holds the conviction that people do the best they can with what they have at the time. Through compassion and unwavering support, Jessica is committed to helping her clients navigate life’s challenges and discover their inner strength and potential.

Jessica is a dedicated Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 19 years of experience in the field of social work. Specializing in individual and family therapy, Jessica brings a wealth of expertise and a compassionate approach to her practice. Jessica’s therapy approach focuses on mindful awareness, acceptance and effective action to help clients embody the life they want to live.

Throughout her career, Jessica has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to her clients and the field of social work. She is known for her reliability, compassion, and unwavering dedication to empowering her clients to live their optimal lives. Through a strengths-based approach, Jessica works collaboratively with individuals and families to navigate challenges, build resilience, and foster positive change.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jessica finds joy and fulfillment in activities such as running, swimming, and yoga. She treasures quality time spent with her family and friends. She is a lifelong learner who is always seeking new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Depression Therapy 

Depression symptoms vary from person to person. It can make it difficult to work, go to school, or maintain healthy relationships.

Family Conflict

Family issues can occur in the healthiest of families, resulting in frustrating and difficult interactions with family members.

Teen Therapy

Common teen issues include ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Drug Use. We address special needs in teen therapy.